I’m alive and well

Sometimes we die a little inside

Sometimes we appear dead on the outside

Sometimes we go silent

Sometimes we go dark

Sometimes we fall off the grid

Rest assure I am still here

I’m living life to the fullest, as full as I can

I’m going to try to tackle my tasks… once again.

My endeavors, ideas, projects, aspirations, goals, and pursuits… are ENDLESS, LISTLESS.

To sum up my agenda, I am trying to become very wealthy, helpful, obtain some power, create positive change in the world, help others in their life pursuits, diminish evil in the world, get physically fit, end inhumane conspiracies and projects, and liberate the minds and lives of billions of people.

Those are a few of my dreams.

It’s an indication of how grandiose my goals and dreams are.

Some other examples are: Starting a zoo, a water park, an amusement park, a cartoon series, a sitcom, a car company, a clothing company, a magazine company, a news organization, multiple websites, multiple smart phone applications, and a food company.

Please check back on my progress from time to time.

Much love and peace to all the world!

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