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Polling Audience

Polls are a common news reporting tactics used by Mainstream Media to attempt to influence public opinion.  However, there is often so much disinformation about said polls.  They are lies. They give skewed statistics to try to make you believe there is a more “proper” or “common” or “mainstream” way to think. And they want you to think that way.  But truly, YOU… as an individual with your own mind, should evaluate reality on your own, and not take into consideration what others think, what the reported poll numbers are, or what you are expected to think by your employer, family, or friends.  Think for yourself, and don’t come to premature conclusions about things, until you have all the facts, and have taken all things into consideration, and have heard reports and gotten proof from multiple sources, including, the primary source.  Don’t allow your mind to become brainwashed, warped, uninformed, closed, or irrational.  Consider all sources, opinions, situations, theories, participants, agendas, and strategies.  Look deep into the realm of knowledge, information, wisdom, and human thought.  Most importantly, use discernment to accept what you believe as true.  And use rationale to take the positions you feel is most important.  The world today is not ONLY left and right.  There is no need to take sides and adopt all ideologies of one side or the other.  Live and think for yourself, and stand for what you believe in.  Voice your opinion or stay silent with discretion and at your prerogative. Be the best you can be.  Refuse the poll questioning, and data reported. Our minds belong to us, not the mainstream media.