The First Newsletter Message

Newsletter Message –

TopherPUSA is interested in organizing tables of wise people to converse and create positive results for the company and those involved.
We engage in a lot of conversation and collaborating.
Perfecting and implementing the idea‘s we develop into activities, services, or products.
All of us together, we the groups, will achieve innovative order and progress.
We’re going to become a big corporation.
We need people to come together and be the company, build the company, and stand behind the company.
We develop logos, slogans, advertisements, services, products, charity to our community, and much more.
TopherPUSA is interested in bringing people together, much like many other collaborative groups of people. (eg. music fests, concerts, conventions, everyday job, church, sports groups, movies, events, trade-shows, fairs, sports game, everyday city sidewalk.)
We develop as a company by bringing popular, new, unique, and proven ideas to the table, organize, and expand them to help us grow and create greatest measures of success.
We determine, what to do with our money, and what we can do to make money.
With endless opportunities in this huge world, we set no limits as to what we can accomplish.
If you would like to join our table conversations (including virtual appearance), please write us an E-mail with a bit of information about yourself.
Include your name and phone number and we will reach out to you with an invitation.